ESV Study Bible Review

The English Standard Version (ESV) Study Bible is by far my top preference for a mixture of commentary, guide, and literature. With this Bible, we find that the authors are all top ranked scholars in each of their respective fields. There is commentary on each book of the Bible at the beginning of each book, and this contains a guide of how to read and study the specific book of the Bible. It also usually has some background historical information and literature on how to understand the writing pattern of the specific book or letter. Also, my favorite part, is found within the respective section where the authors have put in-depth commentary over each passage of the Bible at the bottom of ever single page. This majorly helps as a guide in studying the Bible in a more passionate and deep way. I own a copy of the ESV Study Bible and use it as an aid in preparing all my lesson for my youth group and for preaching. I use it as a guide in my own personal devotion and quiet time life as well. It is one of the most faithful translations to the original languages, and is my personal favorite translation!